Food Lover’s Guide To Portland: Do check it out!

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Random Sidenote

So the last actual assignment for the writing class that inspired this blog, was to write a review of another blog…how it all comes full circle! I’ve looked through a number of local food blogs revolving around portland, including works by “The Food Dude,” ExtraMSG, and Food Carts Portland, and found the the Food Lover’s Guide to Portland had a little bit more of what I was looking for in a blog. Not just little snippits, or the a long series about the same subject matter (I did love ExtraMSG’s burger reviews, by the way, I just needed more variety to work with for this piece!), but a number of well worded, well photographed articles.

The writer Liz Crain gives you an intimate look into her life, and her passions. From her review of the book Primal Cuts, or her newfound tradition of PIFF and Pizza with her boyfriend(refering to making hommade pizza after the Portland Independent Film Festival), or even her trip to Prescott, Arizona for the wedding of a loved one, she is right there, with, for the most part, really well done photography and some well laid facts. The pictures she puts up with her articles create a very intimate feeling, on most posts, however some of her writing seems a little distant.

The feeling that I get is that Liz really knows her audience. She knows who is reading and following her blog. These are not just people who eat food, because everyone eats food. These are people that can appreciate a local coffee roasting company (PRC) paying growers 30% above fair trade value. These are people that can taste it when she’s talking about line caught Northwest salmon smoked with brown sugar on top of a baguette with chevre and fresh herbs from her garden. She doesn’t HAVE to go into all the details, and why should she? She is a published author(follow the link to Powell’s Books to check out the book), who knows good food, and occassionally doesn’t have to pay. If only we were all so lucky!

I really enjoyed her  “review” of Nel Centro. (It’s from December of last year, but I highly suggest going through her archives. The past articles gave me a few good ideas for recipes to try and places to visit) The description of her favorites at the restaurant are straight forward, no fluff required, and yet I’m still salivating on my keyboard as we speak. For instance:

nel centro

“The lamb burger ($12). Must have been about a half pound of moist, well seasoned meat on an aioli slathered housemade brioche bun topped with a whipped blend of housemade ricotta and feta, and a trio of thinly sliced sauteed red peppers. I think I’ve said it all right there. Oh and it came with my favorite type of french fry — fresh cut, super thin, golden and generously salted and peppered with a housemade harissa and ketchup sauce.”

Yes, I am also officially starving! Simple, honest, and yummy. She goes on to talk about the chef de cuisine, Chef Hyman, bullshitting with her boyfriend about his next session at the tattoo shop, and then a brief bit on the spotless clean kitchen and works of art in the process therein. Sign me up for duck prosciutto any time my friend.

I even learned soemthing new through exploring Liz’s well-organized blog, and that is that Kitchen Kaboodle is locally owned! I had no idea! So feel free to shop there this rapidly-approaching holiday season!

So thank you for your time and effort Liz! And I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures you and your boyfriend get into in the coming months, especially with your now-published book. Congratulations on that, by the way! Maybe you can come out to one fo the shows I’ll be posting soon? Cheers!



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