Deepest Apologies to Anyone Who Had Been Following Me

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Author Notes, Random Sidenote
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When I started Music to Your Mouth for a writing class, headed by the fabulous and talented Donald Dunbar, I was ambitious, and dedicated. I had a moderately regulated schedule, with classes that I was going to, well, almost every day, and this gave me a very specific schedule. I function well with that kind of regulation. I’m a Capricorn through and through (happy belated birthday to me!), and truly need said schedule as well as lists…many lists.  This is most certainly exemplified from my short but fruitful stint in military school, as a high school freshman. When the class that this blog was reinforced by came to it’s abrupt conclusion, and my research paper class started, I’m sad to say that this endeavor went to the back burner. And may I now express my apologies for that. I was busy over-researching the raw food movement. When I say “over-research,” this is not to imply that I learned too much by any means. What I’m saying is that thirteen full pages of quoted research with an MLA style bibliography may have been a bit overzealous when trying to write a ten page paper (which in my failed attempt to ever be remotely organized, I lost the flash drive it was on and was forced to submit a seven page paper that was, at best, mediocre by comparison). And as of a couple of weeks ago, classes all together, were over, after which was a mad-dash shopping spree, as well as a deep sigh of relief.

Lady Katie at the denver airport

On my way TO Virginia...this is my nervous smile.

I am literally writing this paper on a United 757 plane on my way back from my hometown in Virginia, where I was, as always, unable to do all the things that I wanted to do. There are more politics in a visit to NOVA with my brother, his wife, and myself, than there will ever be in an actual congressional session. It’s like a very carefully played chess game where both sides ultimately lose. The ten days were supposed to be a vacation, and although there were some really great times this go around, I also hit my boiling point on a couple of occasions. I love my friends and family there, but I must say, I’m very excited to be going home. To return to my moderately controlled schedule, DIET, and lifestyle, where I can take public transit, start riding my bike again (now that the cast on my wrist is off), starting my externship, job hunting, and writing.

The people who I have been close with my whole life know that writing is something that I’ve always done. All throughout my school career I carried around notebooks, composition pads, and as I got older, the infamous planner. I can not attest to the quality of the writing  although I’ve been told it wasn’t half bad when I actually take the time to edit, and perfect the rhythm of what I want to say. In fact, another throwback to my Massanutten (Military Academy) days would be when I was suspended for smoking cigarettes in the girls dorm. This suspension coincided with spring break so I didn’t actually miss any school. I remember I was required to write an apology letter as well as start a “program” to quit smoking cigarettes. So as a fourteen year old bad-ass, I had to go to the med-table and pick up my Nicorette patch every day in addition to writing a letter of apology to the school’s admin board.  After reading my letter aloud, I was asked if I had had “some help” in it’s composition…. I had not. I just know how to write in a moderately professional manner. My mother is a proposal manager for Christ’s sake, orchestrating million dollar deals between large government agencies. This was one of the first times in my life when I would be simultaneously offended and proud.I just compute things better when I physically write them down. Any you know what?! I would never have the problem of not being able to view my screen because of the angle of the reclining coach seat in front of me, if I were just writing this with a pen and paper. But WordPress doesn’t take my scribbles and it’s harder to edit the handwritten stuff for all of you to read, so….here we are…Slowly but surely I am getting to a point. A few of them actually.

1)                   I am never flying United again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex, me, and Dani at the airport on the way home to Portland! It's amazing how I look so much more stoked to be going home!

Alex, Dani, and I were all seated together as of five months ago when the fucking tickets for the trip from Washington Dulles to Portland, Oregon. FIVE MONTHS AGO! They were confirmed together this morning! And when we arrive at the airport, my brother’s wife is sitting in row 25 while my brother and I are in row 12….How does that happen? And better yet, what does the potentially Brazilian woman (her accent was a little dodgy, so I can’t be positive about her nation of origin, and it’s honestly not of any real relevance other than for descriptive purposes…the important thing is that you know she was a bitch)at the gate say and hour before boarding?  “Well we will do what we can… I can’t make you any promises… I don’t know what to tell you.” The second woman that we talked to, spoke very little English aside from her recited United Airlines responses. I literally know more generic French than she does generic English if that is humanly possible. She says ”two seats together, one seat alone.” I say, “but why?” She says “two seats together, one seat apart….and it’s like who do you complain to? Does it matter? No, not at all. Also Continental and United are moving further into their merger, and now announce it at the beginning of each safety video, so I won’t be flying on that airline either….The flight attendants on the actual plane were very sweet and accommodating though, and we did get some strangers to switch us spots (thank you!).


2)                   It is one of my many plans for the new year to get back on track  with this blog. It’s a commitment that I didn’t just make for the class, I made it because I ENJOY DOING IT. It’s not my whole life, and I certainly don’t see myself making any money off of it, although that would be lovely…it’s a pipe dream. I do however owe anyone that may read this from time to time, A review of BlueFin Sushi, as well as the series on 48 thrills, with a new interview,  restaurant review, and recipe. I’m also really excited to see what other bands I can meet and chat with.

3)                   I NEED to write. It keeps me sane. If I had been writing throughout the course of this trip, I think I might not have been so emotionally charged. I also might have posted some things in an exaggerated and belligerent type fashion, potentially hurting people’s feelings, but at least it would have been entertaining.

4)                   I love, love, love Portland. Home is where the heart is, and as of right now, it’s waiting for me, with my bed, and my hat collection, and my pathetic excuse for a pet…my fishies… It’s with my roommates that I have a certain amount of mutual irritation with (meaning that we all get on each other’s nerves from time to time). It is with the kitchen that is waiting to be used to make mass amounts of bread, sweet things, and experimental gluten/casein free type treats for fabulously interesting people I have the distinct pleasure of acquainting myself with regularly…. I love my friends and family…but my everyday life does not involve nearly as much day-to-day guilt, stress, and  emotional exacerbation as a trip out-of-town. But don’t be sad East coasters. As I have promised, I will be going where the job is upon completion of the lease at my amazingly inexpensive and character-filled house. So I shall be returning in August to do a little hunting over there.  I’ll hit up VA, Philly, New York, Chicago…where ever I can get an interview basically. There are a lot of possibilities in D.C. and Richmond though, so……

On to the next rock show. On to the next delicious meal at a new-favorite restaurant. And on to the next experimental recipe…soon to be a household favorite, to make at an absurd hour of the night, with the ones you love…

Till tomorrow, Friend!


  1. Mom says:

    Hey, girl. Just read your blog entry about the Xmas trip. Sorry it was so political. Lessons learned–as always. Life is just one big lesson, and we never seem to become truly wise. Can’t wait to see you walk that stage and get your degree! See you in a few weeks. Love, Mom

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