Whereas this page was once about the union of my two favorite things: food and music, the time has passed for such a narrow focus. Years have passed since I started this page and project for a culinary school writing project. I have been to hell and back in the cooking world since then. Maybe I haven’t seen all of Dante’s circles, but between working on a busy kitchen line, and dating in this no-man’s-land of singledom, I have a few great stories to share. Here you can find recipes, music recommendations, as well as the stories that my coworkers and friends look forward to regarding my personal life. If we find it humorous, I imagine there isn’t anything I should deny the rest of the internet. So welcome, one and all, to my most cynical of thoughts. Please take everything with a grain of salt, as even my stories should be well-seasoned.


  1. Nate Allen says:

    Hi Katie.

    I just came across your blog. It looks great! I noticed you covered our good friends Absent Minds & I was wondering if you’d be up for writing something about my band Destroy Nate Allen. One of our favorite songs to play is called “Recipe.” My wife/bandmate Tessa wrote it about cooking. Here is a link to check out the song. http://tinyurl.com/2frncs2. We’re currently on tour until Christmas, but it would be great to meet you when we get back to Portland. The best way to reach me is via destroynateallen@gmail.com.

    Keep up the good work!

    Nate Allen


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